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The Gas Stations...Love It or Hate It!!!

I just love the low cost gas stations. No really. Down the street the gas station says $2.75. You get on the interstate and you see a sign for another gas station that reads $3.09. What do you do? If the price is getting ready to go up .24, you want to save. Right. Fact of life that the gas price is going up. So you back track and head home to get the cheap $2.75 gas. On your way back to work, you start calling all your friends to get to the gas station asap or they will be paying for it later. Couple hours later on my way back home, I pass the same gas station. What's the price!?! Why it's $2.75...not $3.09!!! You just sit there saying a few swear words while shaking your head. You make the wonder decision not to purchase anything from them for awhile for that stupid stunt. I just wonder what the price will be tomorrow .

True story!!!